Saturday, January 31, 2009

anyway..wad shud i do??

First of AlL...
its all abt a gal..
i lyk her n chased her moths anyhow she does't lyk me and ask me don waste tym on her.. nt giving up..till nw!!

ok...evrynite im praying tat she happy,safe and hope tat she will lyk me..mayb 1day..
so..evryday thrs a hope for me..

bt!!!!!!!!!! nite..she told me tat she tink she lyk a guy..(i noe tat guy)..oso told me tat wad happened...

N 2day...i din msg her..
juz lying on dreaming..suDDenly,my handphone's msg tone(nokia_b.mp3) "de~de~de~"

" sure i lyk **''NO nid waste tym on me le"

all happened in a sudden!!its tat ''NO nid waste tym on me le"!!agn!!
wow...even a bomb oso won tat effective to me...
i keep asking her y...
anyway...wad shud i do??

since tat i din msg her 4 whole nite..thinking thinking...moody..n ofcz..i cried..
tis is de 2nd tym i cried 4 a gal..

anyway..wad shud i do??
gif up??nt giving up??how i face her next tym??valentines day is coming soon...

well..tis is all of my questions tat i wud lyk 2 ask..
hard?? is...

anyway..wad shud i do??